A Solitary Life

We all know answers of two questions said Sam standing on the podium of his reunion from his elementary school.

  1. What leads to a solitary life?
  2. Why we get into a solitary life?

May be the way we articulate would be slightly different…I would love to hear from each of you in the end.

Based on my life and observations from near and dear I am attempting to share how one gets out of a solitary life.

Before that here is a slide show of my life said Sam – from my childhood to old age well senior citizen.

Sam was a very hardworking student and in those days he would work hard to be the best. He came up academically very sound.

Sam’s early family life was good…married with kids and took care of his parents. Kids studied well and left the place to work. Sam built a house and lived after retirement. Sam’s source of income was those tenants and then something happened. Sam started focusing on making more money than on family – a greed and fear combination made more money lost than earn. A distant in the relationship started building up and his kids busy in raising their kids visited less than expected.

Sam is a self-made man and if you talk as a human he does feel a temporary solitary life and says, ” We should be happy for no reasons”. Sam’s read a lot and 24 hours seems to be long and hopes his family will overcome the immediate difficulties they have and would come and meet as a bigger family.

Sam’s retirement life some times become solitary and he is happy that his kids are far off still they take the time to talk.

Sam’s says we got one life so balance and not to get into extreme of fear or greed and he has this 8 tips.

  1. Selflessness: We are humans, not an island. Mix with people and smile as someone said smile has a common language. Be selfless!
  2. Offer: Everyone got talent…so offer yours help to one in need.
  3. Learn: Education stops learning never. Keep yourself busy and you will get new people along.
  4. Inculcate: Anything good takes time so do it more often.
  5. Try: Try to do something impossible. The outcome will make you different and ask other to join that is the key.
  6. Agent: Be a change you want to be said Mahatma Gandhi. Be an agent!
  7. Reunion: Conduct get together or be a part of it. It always help to connect with old friends and family.
  8. Yogi: Practice Yoga both breathing and stretching.

This could be my story said Sam but there would be many Sam’s like me help them to help out to come of a solitary life. Will you?


“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us”
Joseph Campbell




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