Supernatural Force

Once upon a time…there was a man Rancho who was made to leave the village because he did not follow the norms.

All his life he had a thing how to get back to his birth place. The village people were very simple, nice and firm believers of GOD.

This man went to a magician to learn some hard tricks. He became very good at it and instead of coming as a Magician…he visited his old village as a Monk.

Half the village elderly people were half unconscious when they saw Mr. Monk walking on the river. They thought this is the supernatural force and in that state, none of them appears to act consciously…Mr. Monk told them a story to convince if they have exile anyone – they should bring them back or else the river will dry and become a walking ground. Village only source of pure water would be lost.

They agreed and told Mr. Monk if he could find and send the man back!

Mr. Monk was back as a Rancho of the village and welcomed back. Rancho started following all the norms. Both man and village are happy and blessed.

Moral of the story Grandfather asked his grandson upon telling the above story: The grandson said three things

  1. Sending out someone is not a solution. One has to work or act consciously.
  2. The man worked hard to build the story by walking on a water and thus getting his point
  3. Hard work is also one of the talents which Rancho had and he show cased it.

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