Defeat is Temporary

Dad to Daughter after she lost in the swimming competition.
Dad: Don’t let your courage oozed away like tides. It’s all temporary.
Daughter: I prepared so much and it was my second last chance to get the Gold.
Dad: Have Faith in you and let’s prepare together to win and here is ‘How’ we are going to do for the last chance for this seasons?
Daughter: How part sounds interesting?
Dad: Here is our eight steps approach.

  1. Discipline in our life – by eating right, practicing every day, and getting proper sleep on time and getting up on time.
  2. Allow time to make mistakes and work on those as a Lesson Learned. Write every day in your swimming journal
  3. Unwind for a short time and get back to routine. Listening to music will help
  4. Go from Good to Great by being mindful of things required to be the best by pushing yourself. Remember as they say pain is temporary and pride is for ever.
  5. Help others to come out of their fear factor and thus you get help in coming out of your fear factor.
  6. Train today to reap tomorrow. Well, it’s kind of self-explanatory. Look at your data specially the heart rate reason when one reaches maximum heart rate it’s kind of hitting the wall – you can not go beyond it. Know your friendly heart rate.
  7. Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy.
  8. Read about swimming from the people who have done it – it could be from a different continent or country. We learn from different culture.

Daughter: How will I remember this Dad?

Dad: Just remember you are my DAUGHTER!

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