Money can’t buy- a memory lane


Happiness is when the body gets exercise without effort, the mind gets clearer for the rest of the day and wallet has minimal transactions because of all saving is done on doing light grocery by bicycle and purchasing few items on the weekly sale.

Need & Want:

Talking of Sale, America is 24*7*365 on ‘Sale’, not on all items we need but the items they want us to buy. It’s up to us should we buy and waste or let America waste. Statistically, we waste 25% of resources!

Memory Lane:

Talking of resource, in good old days back in Ranchi growing up in HEC Township E Type Sector 3, I used to ride my bike longer to get good deals for grocery on demand by Mummy and instead of going to Sector 3 market I used to ride faster to go to Sector 2 to save some money. There was no sale concept then but one store I knew had a better price because of the good customer base. Well, that saved money I used to buy Chocolates and eat it and ride faster reason ‘Time’ given by Mummy was to go to the nearest market. It worked out well every time. Here, in Chicago, the light grocery only works on a blue sky summer morning and yes money saved will be utilized on extra dark Chocolates.

There is something which does not change and it’s the taste of Chocolate! Had Dark Chocolate Lately?


The house…where I was born and lived!

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