Why We Need Fewer (New ) Things

( If you don’t mow your lawn don’t read further but if you want to know about a retired person who is doing service for last 28 years in his garage by all means you are welcome to read on…)

The story about lawn mower service: Last week, my lawn mower broke so as usual I had three life lines ( FB, Fifty – Fifty or Call) and I used call a friend.

Simple answer go to a big store and when I called the store they said minimum time to fix two weeks. The first choice was not an option reason in two weeks my grass would grow tall.

Second choice did some research online and found out about some one who does this service repair work in his garage. Well, he started his company in his garage after retirement and it did not become Apple or Google but gives him big satisfaction and great life. That’s a different story.

First thing when I reached the place, the cleanliness really impressed me. We exchanged greetings and talked about the problem and how it happened. He told me about the price. I did not negotiate on price reason it was same as all big names. My inner voice said when I can not negotiate with big names why should I do with a man who is guaranteeing me work done in two hours and also warranty on the work.

Anyways, long story short he advised me on how to have longevity on my lawn mower and also put a note on the handle as a reminder. In service industry it’s all about the service.



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