Day Like Today

This morning it was foggy and temperature lingering in 60ies.

It’s kind of unusual for us at this time of the year. I did my Fog run of 4.11 miles.

A thought came in the evening I can take this kind of day for another nine months. Is this possible – Yes and No.

I say No reason we are in Midwest and it’s where we have four seasons. Some are shorter than others. Since I started serious running I like all four season – some more than others. Fall in US and Autumn for rest of the world is around the corner.

I say Yes…with a global warming someplace is changing and change is only constant. I can not take this kind of change rather change the place where it’s same Spring kind of weather all along.

2 thoughts on “Day Like Today

  1. I just went back to running outside this week post Hurricane Irma. The heat indexes have been well above 100, so I didn’t feel it was safe for myself or my dogs. Its been wonderful running outside again, but boy does the heat and humidity get to you!


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