The Last Long …Training Run – 21 Miles

21 Takeaways…oops Runaways and my rest of the training is to practice more on no.16.

  1. Load Carbs previous night.
  2. Get up early.
  3. Dressed for the Run.
  4. Start the Run apps from your watch.
  5. Touch the Mother Earth for a blessing.
  6. Start your planned Run.
  7. Take the photo of Sun Rise.
  8. Smile for passersby.
  9. Check your form.
  10. Adjust and get into Good Form Running.
  11. Muscle calling – Take water or salt water.
  12. Traffic Light Red – Stretch your leg before it turns Green.
  13. Run faster after the break.
  14. Plan your restroom break.
  15. Fill water in the bottles.
  16. Check your breathing pattern – for better running go for rhythmic breathing. It’s not easy and needs practice. Keep practicing.
  17. Eat dates or anything similar which helps you regaining Energy.
  18. Compliment fellow passerby runner not saying…Good Job- Say Good Run or Happy Running.
  19. Walking is fine for a shorter duration but come back to your running. If not keep walking.
  20. Scan your body.Stop your GPS and Stretch your legs.
  21. Remember this is a training day, not a performance day. On a performance day, run it like you mean it.
One thing which I have to improve on and practice a lot is my rhythmic breathing…with this, the whole body will get the Oxygen and let the finish line time reduce tremendously.

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