To create, co-create or recreate

The question is not about to create or co-create…it is about Recreate!

With my rhythmic breathing, I will recreate my new Personal Record for my marathon Run.

With my learning every day, I will recreate my value of my Education stronger.

With my not complaining attitude, I will recreate more Creativity around.

With my less spending, I will recreate more Richness in my saving accounts.

With my eating habits, I will recreate more Enjoyable.

With my goal, I will recreate my Accomplishment known!

With no place for hate, We should all create more Tolerance in the World.

With more creativity, co-creating, We should all make our stay in the World more Enjoyable!!


6 thoughts on “To create, co-create or recreate

  1. I think I’ll go with you on “Recreation.” It’s like you don’t need to invent before you succeed, Renovation, Imean improving on an existing invention can also make rich. In fact, God has already created everything, we only need to become a co-creator with Him by recreating. Thanks for posting.

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