Number Talks

Two Highlights from last week…instant gratification in the Digital World.
1. On a mission and its Writing…103 Likes on a single day- the World where I don’t know any of you personally is reading my WordPress, “Train Today to Reap Tomorrow”.  Thank you so much for a record high like on a single day.

2. The Garmin overall 3rd position in 100k challenge steps in a week…it was only possible because of training for Chicago Marathon.


Talking of Marathon ( Half, Full, or 5K)…I still remember my first Half Debut Wisconsin Marathon in 2013.Wisconsin Marathon registration is open and I have signed it today on a very first day. Requesting readers to come and run…if it’s your first or 10th – You will love it. It just takes 12 weeks of training for Half Marathon and you will love yourself more upon touching the Finish line!

Bottomline: One like a time will make it to 100, so is one step will make it to 100,000.


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