Magnify Your …..

Magnify Your…I say what and this happens when I am sitting while my son is taking his Violin class on Thursday evening. This magazine interests me … the reason I see the word of the day from the daily prompt and not the whole picture. It’s like Warren Buffet said in his interview…if he is playing bridge his concentration is so high on the game no matter if some _ _ _ _ gal crosses he would not take a look at her.  Well, that’s Warren Buffet who is the richest person on the earth who still eats his breakfast at McDonald’s for a dollar or two, drink cherry coke, lives in the same house he purchased for 50,000 USD 50 years back or so and now the value is 650K. This is one example of magnifying life. 

Enough of Warren Buffet and slight deviation from the topic. Hope none of us has to magnify to see the picture as our eye vision be right at 20/20. My story which I was thinking to write before I saw this magazine is:

I thrive to magnify my mind to work on new challenging things and keep it calm on adversity.

I thrive to magnify my attitude which takes me to the right altitude without adding any pride.

I thrive to magnify my gratitude for the people who have been directly or indirectly helping me by praying for their wellbeing.

I thrive to magnify my nature to nurture the mother earth who we are all guest so we all live a blessed life.

I thrive to magnify my integrity so that I keep doing things even if no one is looking at it.

I thrive to magnify my faith in the GOD for providing me the strength for all the deed and HIS directional help.

I thrive to magnify my youth energy in all phases of my life.


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