3 short stories

We may have Plan B but there is no Planet B

Well, the title is slightly modified from the update I read on the Facebook. I did not get into the details but it really made me think – How powerful is the statement and following three thoughts came into my mind:

  1. If I am thinking of myself on this earth…well people have lived over 70,000years – it will be okay till my lifespan. That’s not my point. Well, the way we have modernized ( fast cars, air conditioner, refrigerators, computers, data center, etc) is only 70 years old. Give or take few years. We really need to take care of pollution, populations, and privacy. We will come to How part later?
  2. If we are looking for Planet B…the nearest would be Mars and to transfer people the cost would be in Billions and probably it would take many more years. Why not live peacefully on this Mother Earth.
  3. Nature is life and it goes through so many adverse still stays strong. This is what nature teaches us. Earlier we learn better it would be for the future generations.

Extract from Chapter 2 – Build the Fire ( Sun Salutations):

Yoga had its origins in India, and as in most ancient and indigenous cultures, the sun held a central place in the life and thought of that early civilization. For thousands of years, the day began – all over the planet – with the worship of the sun. Many of our ancestors in ancient cultures such as Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, Native Americans, Eskimos, Druids, Romans, Greeks, and most likely dozens of others, had sun temples and sun deities. The sun was the symbol of the great light that human soul longed to find – whether consciously or not – within. Beryl the author and practitioner of Yoga say – Just think about the importance of the sun in our culture. For starters, without it, we would not be here. The sun gives life to everything we know, we have, we eat, we breathe.

In Elementary School:

I was a big fan of Mneumonics to get something long to remember and since we are talking about planets here is how I remembered then…My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Parathas*. Well, this is how I always got my full marks in Geography and Parathas ( flatbread made of wheat and there are different kinds) to eat for dinner.

*Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto.

Believe, Cheer, Imagine and Our Earth laughs in flowers!
(pic was taken in morning walk)


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