Q & A on Stay Focused


Tuesday Morning, September 26…5 miles run! 


Q: What are you thinking now?

A: I will let you answer that and they say our mind like to be in Past or Future…the ability to stay focused is the fundamental thing!

Q: We all know, ” What we have to do”?

A: Stay focused.

Q: What we don’t know or does not have enough knowledge…the How part?

A: The breath unifies our mind and body into one. If we are lost…the best part is to unify is by taking note of our breath. Recently, I watched a video on Facebook/TED posted by a friend and the outcome of it is:

One thing common to all of us – We all struggle and suffer and if we build four pillars ( Belonging, Purpose, Transcendent, and storytelling ) in life it would be a game changer in good and not so good time.

Question to self: What are you doing Sunil to stay focused?

A: I am focusing on four pillars…a. Co-creating a belongingness to friends, family, and society. b. A purpose for a day, week, month, and year. c. Looking at a sky or something like a tree for a second and let my mind transcendent to a next level and be grateful for the life. d. Be a story teller…this journey started on December 1st and thank you all readers, followers for your comments and like.

Question to you: How do you stay focused? ( Friendly instruction: Please use comment section to answer your question)




11 thoughts on “Q & A on Stay Focused

  1. Your four pillars made me think. I don’t think I have heard this before. For me…belonging comes from family and friends, like you. Purpose comes in the form of again family, but volunteer opportunities. Transcendent is all the time for me. I think if we pay attention, we will see messages in everything we do. And storytelling. Oh gosh…my family would laugh at this as I can not get through the day without sharing a “story of the day”. Today I will make sure they know you gave me permission. 😉 Thanks Sunil, Donna.

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    1. I like the story of the day…my kids will ask me to tell them – topic of the day!
      What’s Your story is the book or something similar I read almost 15 years back and writer told the reader to always ready with an engaging story. I believe if we take listener or reader away from them while telling our story – in my mind that’s would be my story.

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  2. There are a number of ways for me to stay focused, but the one that is most effective is stopping and then breath, focus on the breath going in, breath going out. Empty the mind (as best as I can). Repeat a few time. Then ask what needs to be focused upon. Sometimes then ask the questions Why this? Why now?

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