D for Deck And ……..

Today, after many months…I say many months reason the power wash was done early summer – the hot weather combined with rain the work was on hold. On this auspicious day of Maha Asthami … Mike did finish the solid stain on the Deck. He was committed to finishing…just had to remind him a few days back -saying Weather is going to be nice. Mike is a retired Auto Parts Manager…worked  for 35 years and now helps some of us working as a part-time handyman.He is busy Mike.If the work starts in early Summer and finished in early Fall…it requires no explanation.

Total hours spent 10…work included power wash, scratching, hammering, and staining.

Ingredients: Work, 3 Gallons of Solid Stain.

D for Discount is the other D: 40% on the solid stain. Got lucky even though Sale was over they honored. This would be a good example for something which is destined to happen.There go the third D for…Destined. Being philosophical here!

Outcome: pic

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