A Witty Family

Head is crying:

When my first child was around 2 1/2 years old…he experienced sweating first time from his head. When he first felt…he came to me showed …look Papa my head is crying. I could not stop laughing and he was confused why I am laughing when his head is crying.


Once upon a time in Navaratri on the occasion of Maha Asthami…we were coming from Temple. On Maha Asthami we keep our fasting. Our kids did watch us not eat…when we were approaching home…one of them 3 years old asked are you guys going to die reason you did not eat anything for the day. We had a good laugh and explained fasting for a day gives more life.

Mom’s morning Newspaper

According to newspaper Mummy reading which she shared one of the reports with me says, ” Girls / Women from town because of lifestyle has a potential of gaining more weight or has more weight than people of the same gender from the village”.

She asked me what do I think about the report. I answered with a question, ” Do we have to go outside the Family”.

We had a good laugh!

Reports apart – many things which have remained constant in our mother’s generation one of them is reading the daily morning newspaper.

Mummy Reading Newspaper April 1, 2016


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