National Coffee Day

I am sure you all would find weird why I am posting about my drinking coffee. Well, only reason …today is National Coffee Day and here is what my colleague provided information which I told to bring at lunch. Coffee facts by numbers!

1. American spends $9.4 B on dry coffee each day said, Tom.

2. About $ 2.7 B on liquid coffee said, Kate.

3. I don’t use creamer and creamers still pulls $700K in sales annually said, Mike.

JK mentioned…British Nutrition says caffeine improves not from coffee anything else can improve your mood, reaction time, and memory plus

Coffee may help you live longer, reduce risk of a number of diseases

Coffee has nutrients like B2, magnesium, potassium, and polyphenols which may regulate Your blood pressure, fight disease , and convert carbohydrates into energy

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