Five Things #RIO2016 Taught Me

( This post I wrote on August 22, 2016, in FB Note)

  1. Invest Time and Money: The idea is to put T&M on sports and my personal inclination is for roller skates, bicycle, swimming, running, climbing. The good news is since last year I started fitting in my 10 plus old suit dress and with each dry clean it looks new and makes me look good. My focus has mainly to utilize my budgeted money on things which would help me to be more efficient on the things I am passionate about. By hiring a right trainer or buying a right outfit or shoes. This year I took few classes on roller skates and swimming. More to come!
  2. Come out of Comfort Zone: This August, I did first time 16 miles running and 16 laps of swimming which was before a mental block for me. Doing 13.1 aka half marathon was an accomplishment of past and now a new 16 miles seems less. My next target is 20 miles in coming days and then work beyond 20 miles. The idea is to feel fresh after these many miles and come home and be able to showcase to family nothing big on track has been done. A new normal after these many laps or miles at home is key to happiness.
  3. Social Media(SM): Promote the awareness by writing and posting on SM and making sure it does not sound like a brag or advice and message helps a reader to involve for something bigger than themselves. They indulge in all these lively sports activities and age should not be a question mark for them.
  4. Nourish your own Talent: Be fit and let your fitness be enablers for all your Tennis or Golf or Football. The idea is to be fit first and keep pushing oneself to the next level and also keep in mind by understanding that all we can do is our very best.
  5. Don’t try to do it alone: Have friends, colleagues, and family. It’s more fun and gives more talking point while acknowledging and appreciating combined accomplishments.



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