Dream your Travel and Travel your Dream

I love traveling and most important traveling light…this is not possible as a family. Here are few short stories…which would provoke interest.

A story of Luggage:

Once upon a travel, rather every time we travel to India, just by a number of bags we carry …our friends and family thinks and often ask for instance in 2014 Amit asked – have we shifted to India. That question keeps coming by just looking at our bags. Also, other things which our relatives have to do bring three cars – one for luggage, one for us and one for them. The convoys of cars make us look VIP.

This trip few of our VIP bags ( in photo) was delayed by a day and had to go airport again to receive them.

Not sure when we will travel light, maybe in a light year.


Traveling by Train:

My best mode of transportation would be a train. The US is more by road…here in US 100 miles is nothing whereas everywhere else 100 years is nothing. I really enjoyed a day train trip to the city of joy from my birthplace.


Iteniary INTEREST.

In coming days and year …have to go and visit following places.

  • India
  • Netherlands
  • Thailand
  • England
  • Rome
  • Europe
  • Singapore
  • Timbuktu

I want to end this with what J. Kenfield Morley, Some Things I Believe said,” In investing money, the amount of interest you want should depend on whether you want to eat well or sleep well”

I say all of the above and travel well!







6 thoughts on “Dream your Travel and Travel your Dream

  1. Sleep well. You can always find a family to feed you if you’re a nice person! I believe you fit in that category 😀
    Wow. That is quite a bit of luggage! I’m the person that takes one small carryon bag but it’s almost overflowing! 😀

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  2. Wow! I thought I traveled with a lot of stuff with one big suitcase and a backpack. Even that much feels like an anchor – or an infirm relative that you have to constantly take care of, keep track of and make sure is OK. My struggle, then, is to balance having all the things I need with the agility and mobility of traveling light. This is even more of a pain when traveling by bicycle and every kilogram carried means a little more work every minute of your day.

    Looking forward to hearing of your travels. Of those, I’ve only been to India and the Netherlands. I loved them both and hope to go back to them soon. Thailand is also high on my list.

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