There is a monkey mind

Did you know, “ There is a money mind which talks with all of us even though when no one is talking to us”.

Let me give you some hint to find if there is one in you or not.

Does your mind speaks to you …

  1. Buy Mercedes…it’s a status.
  2. Don’t Invest…it’s a waste.
  3. Say No to exercise…there is no time.
  4. Keep Doubting…rather do it.

If anyone or all of above is ‘Yes’ than your Monkey Minds need to be tame(d).

Shut that Monkey Mind and try or practice being

  • Mindful…analyze What/Why/How?
  • Information…data which you have will help in right information…knowledge – wisdom to carry on.
  • Need or it’s a want.
  • Directed … a self Directed – right outcome.

On a lighter side…I am sure many of us while raising kids would have listened to the nursery rhymes – Five little monkeys jumping on the bed…inspired by that my picture story is -Five little friendly Boo came on a bike in the Fall for their Fall and none Fell Off and got the nice Fall Color Treat!

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