A tale of two purse


A Tale of Two Purse


Late last night, when we were driving home my wife started telling me a real story of her friends whose one of the small purse was stolen from the big purse.

This story was very close to us as we had lost one purse in the India Parade. Our memory was/ are very fresh and so wanted to write this for every one of us to take extra precautions in this Holiday seasons.

It could happen to any of us and this happened to one who is very careful with their stuff.

Just like any family, this family is in the shop and Mom’s big purse is in the shopping cart and within the big purse, there is a small purse which has all the credit cards, driving license, and cash.

Just like any family, this family saw something which they really wanted to buy and the cart could not come in that space and just for a fraction of seconds the cart was out of sight and rest is history – somebody who stole the small purse did 1000 of 1000 purchase using different cards in electronics stores , jewellery stores and they only came to know when one of the cards used as an alert limit.

The fraud notice on the phone made them think twice – is this notice by mistake as both of them are here and their bag is with them.

The million dollar question do we have the small bag which has all the credit cards.

When they found the answer it was 15000 plus dollars late!


8 thoughts on “A tale of two purse

  1. That is painful.i have been stolen a little purse from my big purse at the supermarket once only the big purse was on my shoulder (still wondering how they did it) and I realized it happened at the till after I emptied my cart an bagged my food shopping but had no thing to pay it with😬

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      1. Still blocking all the cards and redo all the documents is a pain but at least their bank account was not emptied😉😊since that time I never keep money in my wallet unless a bit of change.P.S that time when I went to report the stolen wallet and documents I discovered my driving license was expired for two years……thanks god policeman have been understanding…😳☺️


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