Don’t let

Don’t let your mind rush more than you can pull your body to ascend is what comes to my mind and here are six things which you can resonate…to some or all. Are you ready to ascend with me…let’s get started?

  1. The ability to control mind and body through your breath is the first step.
  2. The success to hold oneself on the present from the lesson learned from past …will take you to the future.
  3. The calmness at any situation is a great quality to possesses.
  4. The energy is never lost its transform from one form to other. Transfer it wisely.
  5. There is nothing new in this World…we are reinventing as some of the things got lost with the person. They forgot to document.
  6. The difference we make by reaching on the top of each goal minus one is what counts.

15 thoughts on “Don’t let

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