It’s 500

Today, when I published a blog…an instant notification came – you have 500 post – that really made me a very happy reason by December 1 on the anniversary my expectations was 365. This was pure joy and

  • Engaging experience.
  • Not dependent on Weathers…rain or shine, busy or leisure, running or walking – at least once a day writing.
  • Love reading others and when other reads mine and left comments even better.
  • Interesting, Innovating, and Inspiring is something I keep in mind while writing.
  • Good to Great will come with the practice of reading and writing every day.
  • The hour in the day is 24 for all of us rich or poor. How we utilize it is something one has to keep in mind.
  • Thank You is another form of prayer which is never enough…Thank you all for being on this journey and I know someday it could be a smooth and someday some turbulence. Trust the end result will be good.
  • Every one of us has the unique way of expressing. Sometime we would not comprehend fully…reading others comment brings more clarity.
  • Never say No is a good mantra and keep trying.

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