5 Priceless Moment

Boy on Cart:
Kid to Mommy: Why did the cashier on the register said, ” I am not charging for the boy on the cart as he is priceless”.
What is priceless?
A: …

XL Anniversary:
It was one of the joyous Saturday attending 40th Marriage Anniversary of Uncle and Aunty.
We had a wonderful evening watching all the performance from kids to people young at heart. Dance on the floor has some great moves and songs proved they had a melodious voice.Connecting to old and new friends on this event was priceless!

Dress Matters:
[Background] Recently, I had tennis game in a group and one of the Partner from the game who I had played one set could not recognize me in the Graduation party today and the reason my tennis attire gives me a different look than the one in the photo.
Well not sure, ” What to say and what not to say but one thing I would say attending a graduation party for a very successful kid who not only makes his dream true but the entire family is – Priceless!

Waiting on a line:
Last night on a customer service line of a shop when my kids were getting uneasy and were demanding lot many things like hold them high or put them in the shopping cart. One elderly gentleman who was noticing all approached us and said, ” These are the moments and capture this in the photo as these will remind you when they grow to a teenager and goes to college and their own life”. He added he has four kids and nine grandchildren – the moment with his kids and now grandchildren whenever he gets to spend time is priceless.

Land Letter:

Today, happiness on my son’s face on receiving land letter was priceless. He told me getting a letter on his name and top of it a Thank You one – wow!


way cool



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