They asked

We celebrated today for all the new runners (3) from my office who participated in the Naperville Half Marathon and 5K.

They left the choice on me…I got them hot Samosa and Banana Chip. I am not sure why first preference is always an Indian food…is it by birth or choice or both. Maybe, today they were something in the mood for Indian food.

We also invited others and some of them were reluctant thinking I may ask them to run for the next event.

For those who don’t know …samosa is made with a wheat/maida flour shell stuffed with some filling, generally a mixture of mashed boiled potato, onions, green peas, spices and green chili. This Samosa has become very international…I was in Canada for three months long time back and was surprised to see every grocery big stores selling samosa along with butter chicken, and Naan. This three any first timer cannot go wrong.

Everyone in office really enjoyed the 3 O’clock break. Samosa really adds when it’s raining outside. Try one when it’s raining and make sure it’s simmer when you are eating and made fresh…just I got it from the store.


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