How many of you remember your first day in school where teacher wrote, ” Welcome to the class”

Bigger Question, ” How many of you remember leaving your kids to the first day of their school?”.

The answer to the first question would be difficult but not impossible whereas many of us who would be a parenthood would remember their kids first day of school. The second opportunity would give or at least help us in relating own first day in the school. Though things are changing…now many gets Chromebooks in their elementary school in some part of the world. Not sure why we are doing this….will come to that part later.

Well, coming back to the first day of my son school…when we asked him what did you do? He mentioned it was more play than study. And then we were quickly asked what did you do when I was in school? We said…we did not go anywhere we were waiting for you in the parking lot thinking what you would be doing in the school. Well, that’s our memory from the school days.

Well, recently I saw a documentary and it is about in our school of life four things are very important to avoid disease which has come in recent times and to avoid those and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They mentioned:
1. Constipation is bad for anyone…get rid of it – drink warm water in morning is the solutions.
2. Drink more water…reason most of us drink 2-3 glass of water only. Drink more water as it helps in getting rid of toxins from human body!
3. Sleep is key…we human beings are meant to sleep for 7-8 hours. This sleep resets the systems.
4. Emotional stress is bad…it leads to many diseases along with other 3 points mentioned above if we do not follow!

Take away…let’s use more of the blackboard and what’s Doctor prescribed on the Blackboard.

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