While you work


Dad and son mobile car maintenance and car service have been for 30 years. They go to parking lots of many companies and take care of your car. Over the weekend they are in airport taking care of rental cars maintenance.

The sludge story:

It was the year 2012 when I saw the first time the engine light on even though I changed the oil very recently. So, I took it to the dealer and they changed the oil. They mentioned changing the engine oil every 3000 miles instead of 5000 miles. This worked for some time till I met Dad and Son Mobile car maintenance company at one of the client’s locations was told two things:

  1. Change it to synthetic oil. This works well for older cars.
  2. Top oil every 1000 miles and keep checking.

I also googled after and many owners of this model had sludge problem when the car became old. Thankfully keeping that advice in mind and regularly doing it the car is still with me after 5 years when the problem surfaced

Bottomline: When the car age it does have an average of $1200 maintenance per annum but it’s better than monthly payment of a loan.


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