What comes to your mind or what does your mind see/hear/desire in the month of January?

The answer could be divided into three parts:

  1. Warm Weather if you are in Winter Wonderland. The January Winter seems to be long and bone-chilling.
  2. Gym Membership
  3. Diet Plan

All of those are possible if we add time, distance, and gap as a dimension.

  • January is only 31 days and Winter is an important part of the ecosystem. It is required.
  • Choose the Gym which is close to your home or office. It works!
  • The most important thing is eating the main course at 8AM -12PM-4PM-8PM. This is more of discipline than Diet.

Life is parallel, not sequential. Talk to self, plan it out, make it workable and at the end, you will see everything is viable in good or not so good circumstance.


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