Funnel Mantra

In today’s World when one has so much of Information on all different channels… Books, Blogs, Social Media, Televisions, Newspapers – How to funnel it to one’s outcome?

Before we come to Funnel Mantra, I want to take you the living room of my Dad’s house. The place has daily newspapers, cell phone, landline, TV with a financial channel on from 9 till the market closes. There are panelist in the channel who is talking about any and every share they are asked…based on time I sat there they talk about one thing this share will go from 100 to 120 with no factual data – people who are trying to make some quick money would blindly call their agent to either buy or sell. The last part was the scene for many years till my Dad lost a lot of fortune out of fear and greed.

He stopped doing day trading for some time for a year or so as my Mummy Health took a toll as they were focusing more on money than their diet.

Lesson Learned during those breaks:

  • Stating obvious Health is more important. They already leading a retired life. All this day trading started to get more occupied but it kind of took some good Health or peace from them.
  • In the gap of one year…focus was more on – know your subject.

My dad realized the subject is not trading its investment.

  1. He read about it from all good source.
  2. He minimized listening to paid media.
  3. He started analyzing more about the company – their annual reports, P/E, cash on hand, innovative ideas etc.

Long investment short…one has to gather data, use those data as an information, convert them into inform knowledge, call it a wisdom – This is the Funnel Mantra!


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