This is not an IPO of a company but simply…Input, Process, and Output. I have been thinking before this writing what to write and I did two things:

  1. Read my followers’ blog. One really inspired me and motivated to write.
  2. I went for walk thinking about what to write.

I believe three things are very important:

  1. What you are going to write about it…Fiction or Non-Fictions.
  2. Process thoughts how it is going to benefit you when you read a few months from now, how it is going to benefits the reader who is going to read once you publish.
  3. What is going to be an outcome…the reader is going to take! For example, when I read so many ones stuck with me – Motivate and Inspire!!

11 things to do make one writing better:

  1. Read about the subject which interest.
  2. Research about it.
  3. Write about it.
  4. Read your writing.
  5. Edit your writing and try to use different words.
  6. Increase your vocabulary.
  7. Set up a goal of writing – daily, weekly, monthly.
  8. Open to honest feedback from your readers
  9. Implement those feedback in your writing.
  10. Buy books and encourage fellow writers.
  11. Write your story and an interesting one when you read after 4 decades it refreshes your memory.

I am on it or you!


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