My 1st 5K of 2018

The Sunday weather turned out to be in the forties which gave me the strength to go and run outside.

The strategy I have to work on how to get 35 me minutes on Sunday. I have had few options.

  • Early Morning…I did not want to go reason -it was drizzling.
  • Afternoon…I had to drop and pick one of my child for the birthday party and Babysit another. During this time I did read and walk at home treadmill.
  • 2 PM to 3 PM was open and after that, we had to go, Temple, as they were celebrating Saraswati Puja ( will write about this on Monday).

So we all know the strategy is what you want to do and it gives you all the possibilities. Then comes the tactical which is actually doing it and in this case running.

I dressed up for running remember the snow is melting and it’s cold. Apart from dressing following to keep agile made a checklist.

  1. Garmin Run On. Checked!
  2. Path decided with less slippery and zero traffic. As they say, the run path has less traveled. Checked!
  3. Water bottle as they close all fountain in winter reason to avoid them freezing. Checked!

Got my 5K done with a good strategy, and adopting the agile methodology of check and checklist and checking them out.

8 thoughts on “My 1st 5K of 2018

  1. Way to go! I’m off running for a bit, sticking to indoor cycling for a bit. Once I get back from India, though, it’s full on half marathon training for me.

    Is Saraswati Puja the same day as Ganesh Jayanti? Another friend in Maharashtra was celebrating that yesterday.

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