5th Floor

In the last quarter of 2017…I read an article even if you exercise in the morning and sit all day long the impact is like someone who has never exercised – the article also mentioned to keep getting up from your chair and walk around every 58 minutes for 2 minutes. This article stuck with the way I used to stick on my chair. I wanted to bring change in me even though I had to miss the elevated view from the elevator.
The change was simple instead of using the Restroom on the same floor where my office is…I will go to down and use the restroom of 1st floor and take stairs back to the 5th Floors.
Few points to take into considerations the visit has to be planned…if it’s sudden nature call – better use the same floor. Since I started this…I have had only one or two trips to the restroom of the 5th-floor rest it been the first floor. Plan your water intake so that it’s also a planned visit every 2 hours. They say sip your water not gulp.
1. Don’t take your work along with you to the first floor. Keep your mind free.
2. While climbing up…if you think it’s getting tougher after 3rd floor. Come out and take elevator till fourth and then take stairs.
3. Suggest others the same to take at least 4 times stairs in a day.
For people WFH: You can use a different floor restroom. If you are on 2nd Floor…use the basement or vice verse.



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