To Shovel or Not To Shovel

To shovel or not to shovel is not the question. The question is how many you do in a day or two if it’s snowing for 27 hours continuously.

Well, I did 2 of 3 shoveling at 5 PM and I say 2 of 3 reasons when I am done by 3 of 3 by tomorrow morning there would not be enough space or energy to make a mountain out of molehills.

Shoveling apart…here is 10 simple reason why I like it.

  1. It gives me an opportunity to be with Mother Nature.
  2. The experience is Magical.
  3. The moment captured is like-long lasting.
  4. You see your neighbors doing the same thing or similar things – some shoveling, some using the snowblower.
  5. On a snow day like…, kids have more fun.
  6. The snow does not look whiter on the other side of a fence. ( Unlike grass).
  7. You dress up.
  8. Three words to make from snow … No, Now, and Sow. Do you remember the story of how Sow sends her three little piglets to try fortune.
  9. Snow is ancient.
  10. Snow when simplified becomes water.

9 thoughts on “To Shovel or Not To Shovel

  1. I know how you feel. Because the snow you are getting is coming to where I live.
    I went out to shovel the other day because we were supposed to snow yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I just came in from shoveling, And I’m hoping I don’t have to go back out there until tomorrow.
    I hope the snow slows down for you as well. Because shoveling can sure get tiring after a while.

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