VSDGDP – Happy!

As you may know, snow started for us on Thursday evening and it stopped Sunday morning. We had a total of 16 inches of snow. My final shoveling was no 4.
Woke late on Sunday and how the days went…I will take help of VSDGDP ( mnemonic)
V: Vacumming of the house. A planned event but kind of rushed it.
S: Shoveling…an unplanned event but the snow was soft and light.
D: Dropping one of them for a birthday party at Pump it up. Birthday is a GIFT and to attend friends birthday is always fun.
G: Grocery…got vegetables, egg, milk, bread, fruits, snacks, sweet etc.
D: Drop another one in the library for Science Olympiads practice sessions.
P: Picked after the birthday and went store to pick donuts plus juices for kids in library practicing. They were happy to see some treat for them.
Now, talking of Happiness…picked up a book from the library ‘The Little book of Lykke’. One of the chapters got my attention and here is an extract.
“ A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where rich use public transport. It is where the rich walk and where they use bikes. We should create cities where rich and poor meet as equals in parks, on the sidewalks, on public transport. “.
Q: Isn’t the secrets of the World’s Happiest People not so secret?
Short Answer: Yes!
Big Answer: To me, it’s how well one is connected to their family and friends.

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