2 Facts

Fact No: 1 of 2 Childhood Memory:

A thrill that never grew out me was traveling with my Papa taking us in his ambassador car BRV 675. We have been to many places but two worth mentioning is… Are you already and I am sure after reading it you would desire to visit these places on your next trip and/or long to be part of the school.

So buckle up, sit back and relax as we would be going through Dense Forest, Serpentine Roads and Cool Bracing Breeze.

Our first stop is McCluskieganj in Jharkhand 40 miles from Ranchi. Well, most of us would be wondering what this place is. Well, not long ago it was called “Chota England” where your ears could hear Bada Sahib and Memsaab, your eyes could see or still see Churches, Temple, and Mosque in the same complex and your tongue could not wait to taste local pastries. This place is very relaxing for weekends and has a lot to offer and easily doable even on a shoestring budget. No need to buy Airticket to visit Bada England.

Since we are still on road our second stop would be Netarhat, 96 miles west of Ranchi across “Seven Hills” and is famous for its glorious sunrises and sunsets during the summer months. Netarhat, popularly called the ‘Queen of Chhotanagpur’ is on a plateau, four miles long and two and a half miles broad. The highest point of which is 3,800 feet above the sea level. Just to put perspective, if I have to compare this place for Sun Rise/Sun Set it would come closer to Grand Canyon but no comparison – each is unique on its own.

Apart from being close to nature, Naterhat has a school based on the pattern of Gurukul [The word gurukula is a contraction of the Sanskrit guru (teacher or master) and kula (extended family)]. The motto- Atta Deepa Viharath – ignites and enlightens the young mind of students inspiring them to illuminate the whole world by their noble thoughts and deeds. I have a cousin who is an alumnus and is doing very good in life and to the world.

I am sure just like any good things our trip has ended on a good note and many of us now thinking about visiting this places or be part of school days. Well, we cannot go back to school and wish would have listened more to what our parents/siblings/teachers/elders who kept telling us – learn early as life becomes very busy later!

The fact no 2 of 2: Between Couple:

The first fact is dedicated to some of my friends and family who have experienced this in past and/or experiencing as they read my note…

Man/Husband/Boyfriend: Can we go (now) we are getting late. Are you not ready yet???

Woman/Wife/Girlfriend(from the upstairs bedroom): I have been telling you for the past ONE HOUR, I will be down there in FIVE MINUTES!!!!h



One thought on “2 Facts

  1. I have enjoyed experiences, many times, where it feels as I am in the presence of gurukula. I should like to encourage an intrepid group of young people, 25 miles to the north of here, to further their development of that environmental concept.

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