Wet Wednesday

They say if you don’t like the weather of Chicago wait till tomorrow. Isn’t it such a powerful statement…yes it is – the best or worse part we talk more of weather in the elevator than anything else. This is the reason I take stairs.

Taking of stairs…in the evening James from the other office and I started at the same time from the 5th floor. He took elevator and I Stairs.

I was seeing James after many weeks. He was interested in buying my car from day 1 when he saw For Sale.

James started Did I sale my car and my quick answer was in affirmative. To which he asked what price. I asked question for his question.

What was the price in his mind ? He gave me the price and I told you would have just told me.

Sometime when we don’t say what we want to… we lose it – the golden mantra say it.

Coming back to weather… this morning it was cold and I did better run than yesterday. What does it say…even if weather is bad one can still do better than yesterday. Hence the saying wait till tomorrow about weather and life seems so true on a Wet Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Wet Wednesday

  1. Great post, the spring weather has been so finicky this year. I’m from Michigan and was ecstatic to only see fifties and sixties in the 10 day forecast today. Let’s hope the weather lives up to it.

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