What did they say?

Over a weekend met a lot of old and new people in two biggest events:

  1. Sri Satyanarayana Puja on Saturday Evening.
  2. A Sunday Morning Run.
  3. A Sunday afternoon birthday party

They said…

  • I am glad you have a goal of running in life…or else the time you spent running, unlike many people you would have just sat in front of the TV.
  • Cleanness is the first realization towards GOD’s. Heard from whom I met the first time. 
  • On my speeding on the running path on a running Sunday morning…a man walking his dog said – Speed the Rain.

It’s a wrap:

  1. Have a goal/hobby outside work.
  2. Practice cleanness…GOD’s loves both – clean and the person who keeps it.
  3. Be with nature…its the best Rx.



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