7 Daily Habits

(If ) I ask you a question what are your 7 Daily Habits? List it down privately, publically or tell me what and why this question in the first place?

I am not going to list what I have but the one I observed 7 Daily Digital Habits in my Friends, Family, or Acquaintance:

Habit 7: People are reading more on screen than on Papers. DIGITIZED.

Habit 6: People commenting more on Stock markets in general than in any particular. GENERAL COMMENTS.

Habit 5: Looking at their phone the last thing before going to bed. PHONE ADDICT

Habit 4: Do not have time for things which is critical. NO PRIORITIZATION.

Habit 3: Keep saying I used to do when I was young. PASSIONATE ABOUT PAST.

Habit 2: Not able to say NO to food. EATING FOOD or FOOD EATING US.

Habit 1: Instead of morning gratitude, the phone comes into their hand as the first thing. PHONE FIRST.

Some of us are 100% of all the above 7 Habits, some of us are 70%, some of us are 50%, some of us are 30%, some of us 10%, and some of us 0%.

Where do we stand is what we have to find us on our own?


4 thoughts on “7 Daily Habits

  1. I am working on some of these. Since I got a cat that likes to cuddle before bed, the phone isn’t the last thing I hold before I go to sleep/first thing when I wake up. Its usually his face as he is tickling me with whiskers.

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