Winter Running Dress Code

If you ask me what is the best therapy place and my answer along with many more will be unanimous… The Mother Nature.

I have been telling a lot of people when they ask me what are you doing in this cold weather. I said I have self-signed for a 5K run for 50 days. Today it has been the 38 days. 12 more days to go just like we say 12 days of Christmas. We will come to this point later…now for what is your winter Running Dress Code?

The simple answer is…layers and depending if the temperature is below 32F then cover the face reason the dry air may weaken the teeth.

When I showed them the photo…they were surprised as I looked more like a Running Theif or A thief who is looking for 30 minutes to be out everyday. Me – 30!

5 Runaways:

  1. Love what you do. It’s time!
  2. Make it happen by looking at your choice. It’s not an option.
  3. Pair your life and work. Me 30 minutes a Day for 30 plus days will show up the result.
  4. The Perfect word is in dictionary and then comes in real life with practice what we preach.
  5. Layers is the answer. A soft one.

In Photo after 5 K on 5th December


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