6 or Half a Dozen

This is a story not long ago about a question which was once asked to me from my kids. Who do you love a most was the question I was asked?

I told (then) a younger one I like you 6 and elder one …half a dozen. One did understand and one felt good hearing based on their age at that point in time, day, and year. What would you say or answer if you are asked that question? You think about it and meanwhile here is my 6 or Half a Dozen of today’s mental note:

  1. This time of the year we put lights reason the days get darker soon. Light helps people mood and keep us out from the darkness. Put lights around your house.
  2. There is some part of the body which will thank you for doing Yoga. Find out and acknowledge it.
  3. Stay away from the stress or anything which causes its. It is not your friend.
  4. Plan for all the constraints you may get. If you do not get it it is your blessing.
  5. Do not wait for Gas or Petrol to be at E. Fill it if not full at least to point it gives you the confidence you will reach your destination without straining your eyes looking at how many miles the car will go. And
  6. Slow down and come back to your breath.


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