One word

Today, at lunch Yoga our instructor asked what is your one word? I had no idea so I asked can you tell what is this One Word.

Well, instead of resolutions you pick one word for the whole year and work on it. For example, mine is ‘Thrive’ and my church gave me ‘Imaginations’. This is the two words I will be working on it for 2019. Find yours by the end of the class.

I really liked the concept. The first word which came to me is ‘Family’. The reason I am not able to do much for my parents like visiting them more often than once a year. I thought that’s one word …what about beyond family – the second word came is Yoga. The reason is the Yoga I am doing in the class is 50% ( I think this no is higher but you have to have positive psychology to make it even better) of what my instructor doing it. This year I really want to take it to the next level. Yoga really keeps you in the present.

These are two personal one words and I am thinking what would be something which would benefit community, society, country or world. The word which comes to my mind is Reuse. I want to keep one word is Reuse and here is why?

  • Recycle as we don’t want the mother earth to fill unnecessary.
  • Energy is never lost so transfer it from one to another.
  • Urbanization is putting a lot of pressure on part of the Earth.
  • Simplify life …why we need TV’s in all bedrooms.
  • Earth is one we have not found any other planet to live.

Bottom line…focus on my needs not wants.

What would be your one word for 2019 or what one word you would have for me?




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