Deal or No Deal

Today, I was bosting at lunch table we do not watch TV’s on weekdays and in the evening when we were done with our Home Works…one of them told – their friends watch Deal on No Deal on Wednesday.

Since we did not have anything better to do and it would be a good Family time and them to understand the Game. We started watching it. There were lots of questions while watching like why they are not showing the Banker. We also found that this time it is a Ms. Banker. ( Once upon a time when I used to watch it was Mr. Banker). What if they say No Deal and get a lesser amount of money. Well, its a game of risk vs reward, counter offers etc. One question I could not answer…how much those model would be getting for standing and opening the case. Do you know?

Well, at the end I asked what are the five takeaways from this Deal or No Deal.

  1. Player want to take the maximum amount of money
  2. The Banker wants to give the minimum offer or less money from the Bank.
  3. The guest who comes along with the players plays according to their feelings, not the players. The reason is how lucky you are feeling at that point in time.
  4. Its full of emotions as everyone feels bad when they pick a higher no.
  5. Everyone wants to know what no the player would have picked after making the deal.

It was a good an hour spent with the family. Will we follow this not sure at this time but we will, of course, watch this as a family… that’s a deal.

What’s one of your favorite show which you watches with your family and why?





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