Game of Chess, We played!

One day in January aka today 10th…my six years old come and asked can we play Chess. ( Please note this is the first time and only thing in past has been done is observed the game).

(Pause). I am thinking in a day we say so many No’s – for example Not now, don’t do this or that…No outnumbers Yes. So this was a quick, ‘Yes’ knowing it would be learning while playing as well.

We start playing and I told or has to remind few moves. ( By the way just to make sure I also delegated to set up the board). Except for one to two, misplace everything was done well.

I started and then sibling then joined and two combined brains played like a

  • Calm players…thinking of two steps ahead.
  • Harmonious …not only in thoughts but actions.
  • Energetic…show it.
  • Strength…it only comes by adding up.
  • Steps…they took!

Who says electronics is taking away us from us…you just have to say Yes for Board Games.




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