1 out 11 – Tell me your no 1.

Let me know what would be your 1 out 11 from the following list:

  1. Even if your daily exercise takes time from you…still it helps in managing the rest of the time better. Are you with me for exercise?
  2. You go with an expectation to a place/store and see the person is not there. You fill disappointed but wants to get your work done anyways…so find another place. Will you still feel disappointed?
  3. You would go to say your colleague Thank you by walking till the parking and while coming back you take the stairs to the 5th floor instead of the elevator or lift. Will you do the stairs?
  4. You try to listen to other people problem and then it becomes your problems and you instead of being solutions of the problem become part of the problem. Will you still hear the problems or change the way you hear it next time?
  5.  You get a call from the service and they found three problems out of which two is covered. Will buy some time for the third options if it is not a serious one?
  6. They announced 10 hot toys to buy. From folding TV to Foldimate. Foldimate is a machine which will fold your clothes. The price tag is $1000.00. How will you buy it Cash, Credit or Savings? I think I will keep one glass jar and save a dollar every day for three years to buy it.
  7. People are not a problem…they have a problem – I don’t know where I read it but it stuck to me like a lightning. I keep telling people you should be able to distinguish the two and help. See point no 4. Do you agree to it or you have all the rights to agree to disagree?
  8. An emergency is when you have life-death situations. In other situations, if you sit back and do the analysis you sure would get an answer to it. Do you think people in work life gets confused with urgency with the emergency?
  9. Some are good at delegating work and some are good at saying No. These are both a very good character to have and it can be worked upon. Do you feel bad when someone says No to you?
  10. I read an article about 73 years young man and his wife 65 years old along with their granddaughter in 2017 drove from Mumbai to London in 72 days Via China. They had a dream, thought about it, planned both financially and mentally and were very successful. Is age just a number…your thoughts?
  11. Breathing right helps your blood with right kind of ingredients. This is totally free…I mean breathing right – still, we do not do it most of the time or all the time. Why?



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