Belly Breathing

If we do one thing correct everything else will be aligned said the Yoga Instructor in the class today…its belly breathing – inhale till it goes to belly and exhales as if it is or coming from the belly. ( I know I have used the word belly so many times…just to give importance to the core).

The good thing about today’s

  1. The pain I had developed recently because of not stretching enough was gone after an hour of Yoga Practice!
  2. That one hour I did not have any phone or electronics. It was just me and belly oops breathe.
  3. Today I felt hungrier after the class. Thank GOD apart from lunch there was someone’s birthday. The only condition you take one cupcake and make sure you wish. How nice.
  4. Giving or helping someone in need in your group is to make sure and assuring you are making GOD people happy.
  5. People are not a problem…people have a problem or problems. Separate the two when dealing.

That’s all for 5th February! What’s your story?



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