7 days to Towers Of Valentines

Quiz: Do you know which day is the second best business for Resturants in the USA?

Well, if you said its Valentine’s Day you get the price…do enjoy the day in one of your favorite restaurants. If you did not get reservations in the restaurants you can have dark chocolate and  (above 21 of age) a Red Wine.

Changing topic and here are my 7 takeaways for 7:

  1. Meet twice in a year you do business with. You do not have to go the Fancy Resturants…just go for a lunch under $10 or for a cup of coffee. Trust is the most important thing between the partners who we do business with.
  2. Don’t be like a Soda Bottle…when someone shakes you you burst. Be as a water bottle. No side effect upon getting shaken. Remembered one of my colleague who I had shared this many months back.
  3. If not feeling good…do meditations. It does help if you are taking or not taking medicine. Its accelerates recovery. Believe me, it did for me.
  4. Delegate work which is not adding value. You should be able to know what is Urgent, what is important, what is to be delegated and dropped. Do this exercise every day.
  5. Communicate enough and more.
  6. In London, kids are taught the importance of food. One of our cousin who is visiting us told this morning. Her 2nd grader will tell Mommy you did not give me protein in the dinner. They are taught from an early age our body is the most important thing and we have to respect and take care of it.
  7. There are 7 days to Valentine and here is what mathematical education is here for the kids…see in the photo.  For example, 6 minus 1 is equal to 5 which means Totally, Smart, and You ‘re special.



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