We got into a Situation

Yesterday evening one of us wanted to walk so we had one less bike and reason for walking so that he can play pokemon.

Everything was going good till the goal for the game was achieved. The younger one wanted to reach home fast and the elder one did not have the energy to run or even walk.

We got into a situation.

Solutions from the youngest one: He asked me to take him to my cycle just Dad does to their kids in India ( He must have seen it) and wanted to give his bicycle to his brother even though it may be small for his size.

I lowered the seat of my bicycle to have better control. We were going good and then in the Cul-Dec_Suc few baseball players stopped us to play along with them. We could not say No to them and instead of home, we had a good home run while playing!

Lesson Learned: Ask for the solutions from the first and you may be surprised and then surprise them by acting upon it.



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