Day of Rain and Sun

Last night my friend in the party asked, how many miles on bike on Sunday morning. I casually answered 20 miles.

Well, woke up in the morning to fulfill what I told and it was raining. Looked at weather and it said will rain from 7 till 10 AM.

Waited for rain to stop or slow down and at 8:30 seemed like it slowed down. Took my bicycle and did 10 miles in an hour. It was a rain bicycle ride and during this meet and great only 10 folks. Some where running , somewhere walking their dogs, some just walking and I was only on the bicycle.

One gentleman who was walking said you are very discipline, and with others exchanged smile and good morning.

Felt in the end this wet bike ride was better than no ride or 20 miles.

One thought on “Day of Rain and Sun

  1. Hi Oristel,
    Funnily enough I came across a group of bikers coming out of a local cafe. I commented to the one nearest to me ‘I could do with getting on my bike’ . He gave me the name of a local ladies cycling group featured on Facebook.
    I returned home & joined.
    I retired in July 2010 & bike was one of my three ‘b’ objectives I set at the time. I have only been on my bike once in our local park but never again. I bought a bell especially but I found the whole experience stressful as pedestrians ignored it. I notice people don’t use them nowadays they just cycle all over the place to avoid people walking all over the place. There is no cycle lane but the park is open to cyclists & pedestrians alike.
    I loved cycling & have cycled in Ireland. One of these days I will brave the hairy, scary main roads.

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