14 on 14

Happy 14th aka Happy Children’s Day for India. Here is my 14:

  1. Support Children in growing their talent by giving them directional help.
  2. Renew their enthusiasm.
  3. When their young put them in sports. Their body is elastic so make them do all kind of exercise.
  4. Listen to them what they are saying.
  5. Travel with them. It could be local or regional, national or international. The more they see the more their brain develops.
  6. Try all kinds of foods with them early enough but limit processed food.
  7. Celebrate their birthday in different themes.
  8. Get all shots as prescribed by the Doctors.
  9. Start saving on their college educations early.
  10. Know their friends and their parents too.
  11. Say words to them which when transfer to their mind has a positive impact.
  12. Celebrate all festivals with them.
  13. Cook something special at home for them which would let them come home when they are in college in their vacations. They should demand some of the homemade food and also learn to make.
  14. Let’s continue to support each other and beyond.


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