A month from now is Christmas

Today its November 25 and a month from now is a December 25 and it would be that time of the year where everything would be magical. Before we go there we are on a Thanksgiving week and it is one of the big family events for America. Let us talk about it:

  1. It’s more about Family and so we should Thank GOD first to provide us with it and also us being part of it.
  2. Food is ample when you share among the family
  3. There is always leftover.
  4. Thanksgiving has become agnostic of religion and most of us who have become part of this country have started part of this tradition.
  5. There are different ways of Thanksgiving in a different tradition and one which comes to my mind is thanking The SUN. It is called Chhaath Puja where folks doing this festival thank the sunset, and the sunrise

Once Thanksgiving is over…the very next day which is Black Friday gives the opportunity to buy lots of gifts for Christmas to share with one’s loved one. The only thing which comes to my mind…buy a gift which is meaningful for others. Buy a time for them or give time to them and to do this would be a gift card for two for a movie or a diner.


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