3 Things on my 3rd Anniversary

WordPress reminded me today December 2, 2019, is my 3rd anniversary of blogging. Three things I want to say is about Observations,  Interpretations, and Expressions.


Once upon a time not long ago…when you are a newbie in blogging you are also thinking about how to get more followers. My kiddos then would always ask how many followers you have today…1, 10, 100, 1000- every one counted and still counts. Today, I have 1400+ and they still ask. Thank you very much to who I follow and who follows me.


In the era of social media and shorter screens to hold interest is key. You have to find your target audience who you want to follow and who should be following you. Sometimes you also have to try something new from some new part of the World. Today, my blog could be seen in 33 countries. Also, I read from bloggers as far as Japan to Jordan, Egypt to Europe, India to Indonesia, America to Argentina. Learning about the culture, their beliefs keep me preoccupied within my social media time. If you want to find more interesting stuff other than FB, Whatsapp…this is the place – to be!


Every culture has a different way of expression for the same thing. Some are direct, some are polite, some are respectful. In India we will directly ask the age, In Russia, we will ask how many springs you have seen, and In Japan 65 years is still consider Youth. Talking of youth I am still a baby when it comes to writing!


  1. A word becomes a sentence, sentence a paragraph, paragraph a story. 1150 published till day!
  2. 1 Follower, 10 Followers…Follow them and their followers. 1404 Followers
  3. Write, Read, Publish, Read, Like, Comment. Repeat!  25 + Countries!!




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