4 on 4

Sometimes, you have to change the sequence to get urgent work before the important work. Today, I plunge the toilet before they woke up and took a bath and then did my light exercise. That’s my no 1 for today.

If you listen attentively you will look prepared when you respond to them. Your thoughts and words are seamless.  That’s my no 2 as I learned so much about the place and people by listening.

If you say 30% of our resources are women …it may sound low and if you say 150K workforce are women – sounds like many companies on its own. Use %  and or number in the right context is my no 3. AND

The numero uno is…What you committed for a day or in a week do it for sure – it will give you satisfaction and others not to say anything!

That’s my 4 on 4! What do you think and have to say?



3 thoughts on “4 on 4

  1. ♡ Reap Today and Train Tomorrow



    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ I AM Enlightened as a Zygote then a Baby and Toddler; then My FUCKING!!! Parents Stick Their Controlling Oars In and I CHOOSE!!! to Rebel as a TeenAger and Spend (Financial Pun Intended) The Rest of My 3DLife in Hock to My Well Meaning but Really Dumb Parents who Don’t Get It, ALL The While Rediscovering My Enlightenment Being The Cosmic Joke

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇



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